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Our Strength

ODM Process

Every 6 months Platform conducts a product summary wherein weanalysis old products and current market demand. In this processwe involve our VIP clients in the brainstorming phase and work outthe next product planning with industry leading designers.

Channels Management

In order to maximize long-term benefits, we license differentpatented products to clients in diverse regions and channels, tomitigate product and market competition.

VIP Customization

At Platform we highly value our long-term clients. Our businessphilosophy and consistency in success is in large part possible duto these relationships. That's why VIP clients at Platform withspecial design requirements, are able to customize uniqueproducts which cater to their specific market needs.

Patents Portfolio

Our team of international patent attorneys carry out patent trends and lP strategies within the industry. Forthe sustainable development of our clients' business, we do not only patent the existing products, but alsopre-patent future products. ln the past years, we have obtained a vast amount of patents, which protectthe interests of our clients now and for decades to come.

Our Guarantee

Quality Control

Platform has passed the lSO9001 quality management system certification. Our factoryhouses an industry-leading quality testing laboratory, with professional testing equipmentfor washing fastness, textile formaldehyde, tensile strength, martindale friction, and more.

Delivery Time

For every client order, Platform creates a detailed production plan with our ERP system.From receiving an order, to the procurement of raw materials, to the production of finalproducts, to the warehousing, we accurately grasp each time node.


At Platform, clients benefit from a price advantage. This is mainly due to highly efficientautomation processes. Continuous innovations on equipment, employee training andefficient use of material leads to further cost reductions and increase competitiveness ofour clients.


To uphold and improve our service level, Platform integrates service throughout thecompany - spanning multiple departments. From development to production, and fromsales to aftercare. At Platform client feedback is tracked, analyzed, improved.